Donation Station

How to pay

We accept donations of cash, checks, and E-transfers. We employ and welcome people who donate their spare time, who have financial investments, or social connections that would help our vision.


A unique idea the Sanctuary employs to empower positive change. We want you to create a positive environment for healing and change. Its as simple as a smile to someone you don’t know, or a moment spent in gratitude for who you are, or cooking a meal for a friend, giving blood, or volunteering. In general, taking the time to ease the suffering of the world, and working towards making life easier for everyone.


Bhakti Yoga

Rebranding and building an institution devoted to serving health and wellness

There’s a sense I have, a kind of question, a sort of doubt, that has me wondering if my choices have all led me to a path of destruction.This sometimes come with the inquiry as to what brings me happiness, and most recently, what is happiness?

I think I have a sense of happiness. I believe its not any one way to be achieved, and its disappearance is something which sweetens the reception and acceptance of the work to attain happiness.

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